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Jade is a passionate, caring and curious light that shines new possibilities into my mind when it comes to gaining more confidence and clarity around my goals...

-Anonymous, Sitcom Actress

BE consistent
DO your best

Coaching is limited to 2 Actor-clients/month on Saturdays & Sundays.

You may BOOK ONLINE  1 Hour Session(s).

Times from Mid-Morning to Early Afternoon.

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It's recommended to book 3-4 Initial weekend sessions in advance as Jade's schedule fills up quickly, this will ensure you get the MOST Benefit to begin moving towards your goals as a Thriving Actor!


FOLLOW Up sessions recommended 1-2 times/month, for consistent results of your Artistic Journey.

HOW often do you play to your A-Game?

'That's the difference between working actors like myself, and taking every opportunity (ie:  audition) and showing up like my productions need me to be on set!' ~Jade


I will help recalibrate your Net Worth of Talent within you!

You're an actor/actress and:

want to up level your current level of success as an artist/creative?

want to know how to make a long lasting impressions to garner relationships with fellow industry professionals that bring you back for subsequent projects & roles?

like talking to a friend who gets you, and are excited about a live chat to ask additional questions pertaining to your own personal desired success, from a working Actress in NYC?

like knowing common traits of successful creatives?


like up-leveling your own confidence in all areas of your life, especially when interacting with higher level industry professionals like producers and directors?

like reading books on traits of successful people, or enjoy reading to grow your mindset, including books on ways to increase your income?

like the idea of a monthly accountability to fit your budget needs, that you can focus on one-three topic/month to consciously grow towards your bigger goals?

like the idea of a 'success squad' and adding to your personal winning team, i.e. a unicorn cheerleader that helps you see how even taking little steps consistently will help you to take a huge leap forward?

want to be working professionally and get paid for your talent on a consistent basis, instead of making excuses why another actor got it?

want to know the best way to transition from non-union to SAG?


want to know who to contact for representation? or if you should you have a manager, an agent or both?


want to know how to make a good impression on a casting director?

want to know what the most common thing an actor will do during an audition that's get them called back?

want to know whether it's better to be in NY or LA?

want advice to make connections with casting directors?

want to know if seminars help you get auditions?

when you are ready, how you can get an agent to take a meeting with you?


how much time do industry experts spend looking at actors webpages? What's important for a reel?  Head shot?  Resume? What should be on there?


what are common themes in actors who are successful?


how can you start booking commercial work?

or are you Brand New to Industry and want to know :

what should be the first steps that you need to take to start your Acting career?

(i.e. classes, head shots, resume format, how to self-submit to projects)

Film Set

Hillary H., Actress

Jade is a positive influence and a great ally to have in this city. I met her at an audition and ran into her again in an On-Camera class. She's approachable, willing to share her Acting industry knowledge and she's very driven...

Behind the Scenes

Austin Meehan, Actor

Your advice is so valuable.  I moved out of my parents house from the East Coast.  Now living now in LA.  Became Sag Eligible after my 1st week.  Met some creatives at a gathering in the first couple weekends.  Who set me up an appointment with the head of casting at NBC, and signed with an agent within my 1st two weeks out here!

Love Graffiti

Kerstin G., Artist

I love doing different things, as I get bored easily, and I feel more inspired by Jade to do so now'

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